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Randwick Waverley Community Transport


As a long term client of RWCTG, I am grateful for their safe, reliable and reasonably priced transport, the diversity of the services they offer, and their unfailing helpfulness for those with mobility problems.

As a volunteer liaison person for the Movies Group, I really appreciate the role of RWCTG in providing transport to the movies on Wednesdays and for giving clients the opportunity to enjoy 'art house' and block buster movies. Without the courtesy and helpfulness of the office staff and drivers the movie group could not have survived for all these years.

Long term RWCTG clients appreciate the 'socialisation' aspects of the service. Regular patrons of the shopping bus, social outings and the movies value the friendships they forge on these outings.

Social interaction is invaluable to the isolated, the lonely and those with restricted mobility.

RWCTG services remind me of the sonnet inscribed on New York's Statue of Liberty, reading (in part): ….'Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free......send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me........”

We clients might not be huddled or homeless, but we know where to go for help.

Helen McMaugh.

I am a long term client of RWCTG and am extremely grateful for the existence of such a group.

Many years ago I was one of the youngest members of the Group using them for Medical Transport only many days per week and without them I would not have been able to attend my many appointments due to financial and time constraints'.

Without trying to be a "Drama Queen" I may not be here today without their constant help of both office staff trying to fit me in for urgent appointments and the fabulous drivers who always do their utmost to be of help!

RWCTG is like a part of an extended family, always caring and they are punctual, reasonably priced,safety conscious and extremely helpful with mobility issues.

Some years ago an office staffer realising I was becoming socially isolated booked me for the Movie Group the following week at which I baulked! Three years later, I go every week and value the social interaction and the friends that I have made within the group of all ages and walks of life and the communication that is carried on via emails and phone calls throughout the week.

All clients have to do is reach out if in need and you will be heard!!!

Jennifer Le Cerf

I have been a client with Randwick Waverely Community Transport for 8 years. In this time I have found the drivers to be extremely helpful and caring.

I am part of the outings group, we get to travel all over Sydney(and sometimes beyond), we visit lots of interesting places that I would otherwise never go and see.

Its been great to be able to get away from my home for the day and in the process I have made some lovely friends with other people on the bus groups

Patsy Clifford

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